Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Better Late then Never...!

Due to the overwhelming chaos of arriving home just a few days before Christmas I did not have time to post a couple Christmas projects. So here they are now, better late than never, right?

First up, a Christmas Monster of Good Spirit! Made for my incredible friend, Lani. 
 Next, is my Christmas card for this year. I love the idea of Santa and Yeti being shocked by the existence of one another. 
 Finally, every year, my family does a Christmas Ever party with a themed gift exchange. This year our theme was The Grizwold's Christmas Vacation. I needed something and I needed it fast because I forgot about it until we got home. So I made this for a key hanger board and it was quite a hit. Sorry for the swearing...I just copied it word from word from his speech for authenticity. :D


Jamie said...

Your christmas monster is so adorable! and I love that your family had a Christmas Vacation theme, that is one of my all time favorite Christmas movies!!

AlwaysInspired said...

Wonderful little monster, but that key hanger just made me smile! My Hubby is a HUGE fan of that movie and I ordered him the Griswold hockey jersey for Christmas this year! We watch it every year while we decorate the tree.

Raven said...

ha ha! that's fantastic! luv that movie!