Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wedding Post 6: The Ring and Flower Fairy Nymphs

So, if you have not noticed, this wedding was an entire family affair. My dad built a ton of things. 
My mom just seriously provided SO MUCH: financial and mostly emotional support. She helped plan it and bring it all together. I literally could not have done the wedding without her.
Two of my cousins were bridesmaids. Another cousin did my hair and makeup. 
My whole entire extended family helped set up all day and clean up the next day. 
I love my family so much.
They are amazing.

I also had two tiny family members included in the wedding, and seriously, they were one of the best parts. These are another one of my cousins baby twin girls. At 18 months, they are itty bitty for their age. But I have never seen so much energy, happiness and love in such tiny little things in my life! They are the cutest, sweetest babies ever!
 I made their fairy wings and decorate the basket and pillow myself. The pillow matched my garter and top hat that you will see later. 

Only one made it completely down the aisle...guess that is why I had two! :D


TheBlakkDuchess said...

Those are the two most adorable tiny people I have ever laid eyes on! And you did an amazing job with their outfits & wings! =D

What fun to have them in your wedding. ^-^