Monday, November 22, 2010

Wedding Post 1: Entrance

Hi there!

So as promised, I am going to start showing off some wedding pictures even though a lot of you have probably seen them on Facebook or Craftster. But I thought I would do one thing at a time on here so I could go into greater detail about each piece or section of the wedding.

To kick it off, I thought I would start with the first thing everybody saw upon entering.  I spent a lot of time making sure every detail was covered and I am really pleased with the results!

To tie in the Halloween/Fall and Alice in Wonderland theme I simply used straw, cornstalks and pumpkins to cover the bulk of everything at the entrance and then added Wonderland elements everywhere!
Tea pots, and teacups, birdcages, frames, clocks, cards, croquet pieces, pink flamigos, and other various pieces of furniture were abound EVERYWHERE! 

As a side note- my version of "painting the roses red" was "painting the pumpkins purple."

 Up next: the AMAZING TREE. Be sure to come back!