Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wedding/Halloween Pumpkin Head

I am still as sick as can be! Blech! But like I said, this is my favorite month so I am going to stick to a post a day, gosh darn it! lol

My wedding photographer was so amazing and sweet, that I wanted to give her a gift at the wedding. So when I saw the last little camera nic-nac in my stash, I knew it was meant to be made into a Pumpkin Head Halloween Decoration for her! It is themed to my colors and the Alice in Wonderland motif, which is very suitable for Halloween.

Thanks for stopping by! When I get better, I might try and squeeze in a Halloween giveaway! Stay tuned!


Melissa said...

so cute! and by the way...I looked at your wist and I think I want to to Wist it all! Bookmarked a lot of new places to keep an eye on! Feel better soon!

Avery said...

I that that little guy may just be my most favourite pumpkin head that you have made... The eyelashes are so adorable!

Atteneri (Halloween Town) said...

what a great gift! But I dont know the meaning of "camera nic-nac" what's this? (There's color everywhere!) haha I want Halloween! I love this month too, I make my own Halloween parties xD Sorry, Im mad lol
Ok, this Pumking Head is very professional, I love the ribbon bow, and the hat!
Hope you feel better!

Jen said...

This is so cute! I really LOVE your art. Everything you make is so great...I wish I was artistic like that.