Thursday, October 14, 2010

Decisions, Decisions!

 Naturally, Wedding Pumpkin Heads were a must for my big day. They work wonderfully for Halloween and they are now a part of my bedroom decor. 
I worked my butt off today and finished some long overdue packages I will be sending throughout the rest of this week and next! I only have 3 more packages to finish and they are so close! 

On the 30th, the Saturday before Halloween, I am doing my trash-the-dress photoshoot with our photographer. It is the last part of the package and I think it will be the most fun.

Since I have already done the pretty, formal pictures (formal for me, anyways) I am going all out with this one and going crazy for it! This is where I need your help though!

We have three places that we are thinking of going to. My number one choice is the Haunted World in Nampa, Idaho. We are still waiting to find out what their rules are on photography, but it it is allowed, we will for sure do them there. If we cannot, my second choice is the old Idaho State Penitentiary . This is one of my favorite places in the world and you may have seen it on Ghost Adventures. If that does not work, we will do them here in town at our own haunted corn maze and paintball field here in town.

Anyways, I am not sure which idea to go with. Originally, my plan was to do different accessories and be a witch in some and gothic in others and just have several Halloween looks. But then I thought, since this is a one-time event in my life, I should have some more fun with it. So my burning question is this:

Should I paint Kevin's and my face like zombies or Day of the Dead Skeletons?!!

This is the most dire question in my life right now, and I need your opinions!
Please help!


Atteneri (Halloween Town) said...

OMG, I love the Haunted World!! I've seen the penitenciary, but I think the Haunted World is soooo Halloween. Lol
I think I'll choose zombies, if you go to the Haunted World is funniest, but the Day of the Dead is more.... elegant? xD
It's a good idea too! But I preffer zombies Lol

ThePeachMartini said...

I vote zombies...but then again, I'm a zombie kind of gal... :)

AlwaysInspired said...

I'd love to see Day of the Dead themed pictures! My one big regret of our wedding is we didn't get any fun pictures.

Nessa the Procrastinator said...

DIA DE LOS MUERTOS!!! That's definitely for sure! Of course, I'm corrupted. All the decor downtown is Dia De Los Muertos. :)

Melissa said...


Kira - said...

My vote is for day of the dead skeletons! Zombies are awesome and all, but they're just so big right now that I think skeleton heads would be much more unique :)