Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Wanna Mohawk but my Mom Won't let Me get One!!

Well, this isn't a Halloween post, but it is just as exciting! 
Today is Kevin's 26th birthday! 
I did not have much time to make him anything awesome or as much as I normally do with the wedding. But he asked for a customized plush from me of somebody he likes. Kevin and I have both loved AFI since their beginning days of punk all the way through their goth rocker stage. We love them so much in fact, Kevin proposed to me at an AFI concert! It was AMAZING. Since his birthday is in October, (I love that!) and we just got married and AFI carries so much significance to that, I knew Davey Havok had to be the man to plush-i-tize. Davey loves Halloween as well so it just fit!

So meet Davey Havok, frontman of AFI!

I based him off of these pictures:

 And the lovely Amy made an edition based off his earlier days that Kevin loves. I love Amy. She is so awesome. 

I am off to make a cheesecake for Kevin but to tie in Halloween to the post, enjoy AFI's Misfits cover of Halloween!


Amy said...

Haha! I love your Davey!!! And it's so fun because they're two completely different plushes, of the same person, but yet both have our own styles. So much fun. :)