Thursday, August 12, 2010

Meat Loaf is almost here...

I have been super busy still, but I made this yesterday. I am taking it with me to the concert, along with the painting I need to finish today, in hopes they will get me noticed by Meat Loaf. Send good thoughts about it my way! Maybe we can all lock in on his brain waves! haha!

He comes complete with his frilly shirt and frilly cuffs, suspenders, red scarf, and flowy hair!

hope he sees me with it and the painting and lets me give it to him. It would complete me!

I aslo bought a shirt from his online store, but the only size they has it in was extra, extra large. 
So I cut it up and sewed it to this tank top.
Nothing spectacular as for skill, but it is super cute (if you love Meat Loaf, that is!)


Unknown said...

awsome! i love his shirt!

AlwaysInspired said...

Your little Meatloaf is wonderful!

Trees said...

You Meatloaf is SO awesome - how could he not notice you if you have something so great. I'm sure the painting will be incredible too.

Have the BEST time at the concert - rock on!