Friday, June 25, 2010

Yeti Hotel

Okay, I think I mentioned that I have been sewing like crazy! Well, I wasn't lying:
Holy crap, that's a lot of yetis! And two bigfoots! These have been consuming my life for the last few days. Literally. I have done nothing but sit and sew from the time I wake up and until I go to bed. And this photo is actually missing two that I finished early and sent out on Tuesday. I started on Monday night and finished them all this morning at about 6:00. Unfortunately, I bought out the buttons I use from Joann's and they are the only store in town that sells them. But that's okay, because the three with missing faces are mine. I made two bigfoots, (two bigfeet?) for Amy and another swap partner and my mom LOVED them. So I had to make her one and of course she needed a yeti too. And I need a bigfoot of my own. So mine will just have to wait for faces! The rest are all going to various homes as you can see that I labeled them to keep track. I wish they could all stay on the couch forever though! How fun would it be to have a yeti couch?!

I really love the Bigfoots. These are the two I already sent out, So cute!


Unknown said...

OK I better divide this comment into parts:
1- Those are amazingly awesome cuteness overload! Those new owners are so lucky!
2- Bigfoot is my favorite, I love Yetis but not as much as Big Foot!
3- You NEED to make these for selling, mainly because I NEED to OWN one of them!
Well that was it :S

AlwaysInspired said...

Oh my! These are just too wonderful! I just want to squeeze a bigfoot!

Gypsyheart said...

These are totally adorable!

Gypsyheart said...

I would totally buy a bigfoot from you too...I just was turned on to crafster tonight and your bigfoots stole my heart!