Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wedding Update!

I have had several people write me and ask how the wedding planning is going. So instead of writing the same thing a million times, I thought I could just write an update here. :)

Things are going really well! I am getting it all done and for uber cheap too! So far, this is what we have going:

Date: September 25th, 2010; 6:00 PM
(It has a big yard with big trees to the side there which will be where it is all held. I couldn't find a picture showing it). I have loved this place since I was a tiny child so it is only fitting that I would end up getting married here. The price is right too...150 bucks! That's it. And part of that is a deposit that you get back after cleaning it.

Dress: I got not one but two dresses! For less than 200 dollars! I got a long one for the ceremony and a short one for the reception. Neither are what I originally posted that I wanted, but still have the same elements. Both are very unique and less than traditional which I think fits me. That price includes the slip and all other necessary requirements. David's Bridal slips were 300 bucks alone! O.O
Shoes: I got two pairs of shoes (heels and flats) and I decorated them to match my theme. So cute! I got both pairs for under 30 dollars, and that includes my supplies to embellish them. 

I still have a few accessories to buy but only two things and they will not cost much. 

Kevin's parents will most likely be taking care of the guys attire and his so I am not too worried about that.
I have 25 centerpieces made so far and they look AWESOME. I freakin' love them and already have people begging to keep them afterwards which I am going to take as a good sign. I made them all for under 50 bucks by picking stuff up at thrift stores and the likes. 

I have some other stuff done too, but they are top secret!

Other Stuff:
Our cake is being given to us as a gift. 

Our pictures are the most expensive part so far, but she costs far less money that the other photographers and she is seriously phenomonal. Her name is Amber and Kevin is actually good friends with her brother and has known her family forever (small towns). Check her out! She is the sweetest girl ever, too. 

She is doing our engagement session at the end of June (we got rained out our first appoinment) and we have quite the themes planned. I will be sure to post them...I am basically playing dress-up and forcing Kevin to join me.

So in a nutshell, the biggest and most important things are set. I have many other decorations done, the small things bought (tableclothes, silverwear, etc) and now I get to concentrate on the big kahuna projects. 

Stay tuned!


Amy said...

I can't wait to see all your engagement photos!!

Atteneri (Halloween Town) said...

OMG, I CANT WAIT! jajaja This wedding will be amazing, I cant wait to see the photos *o*