Saturday, June 12, 2010

Halloween in June

Okay, I have been absent so I am going to try and make up for it. I have tons to post, luckily! I have been so productive and busy in the last couple weeks since school got out I even amazed myself. I made it my goal to be done with all swaps and commissions by June. As well as the majority of wedding stuff. And I might just make it! I also made it my goal to post almost daily.

I finished several things today actually. I just sat and worked. A lot! I will be mailing out packages to Paulette, Amy, Kira, and Audrey tomorrow or Monday finally! Wahoo! I am shooting for tomorrow, but there is a flea market in town, along with several yard sales, and this AMAZING barn shabby chic sale (check it out even just for decorating inspiration) that I already spent 2 hours at tonight. The stuff is awesome and the prices are awesome. I mean, really awesome. I am starting my shopping early so hopefully I will make it to the post office but once I get into my thrift-store-gold-finding-mode, I am gone for hours.

I won't be able to show some of the stuff until the my pals receive them next week, but I still have some other stuff. I did a swap with the lovely Paulette, a.k.a Craftewoman, for this amazing doll for my wedding. I absolutely love this woman. She is like a big sister to me that I go to for advice for in all respects of life. And she is so talented! Oh my gosh! I have a few dolls from her already, actually. When I asked her what she wanted in return she said that she is more shabby chic while I am more whimsical goth so she wanted a Halloween decoration. So I tried to combine both our styles and this is what I came up with:

The pictures do not do it justice at all. Especially since I took these at 3:00 in the morning. I will see if I can get some better ones tomorrow when there is some daylight. I hope she likes it!


Audrey said...

Oh! The boat guy is sooo cute! I love Shabby Chic and I'm sooo jealous that you are going to that totally awesome sale! Can't wait to get my package, I know it'll be awesome!

All your yetis do look epic, I can' believe i didn't make you one, that will have to change.

I'm so excited to see all the wedding pictures! Expecially the center pieces! I'm sure I'll want one too ;)

I'm sorry about the job problem, hopefully at your next job you'll have just as many good times!

Alexz said...

Aww, thanks Audrey! I would be more than grateful to ever receive something yeti-related from you! :)

Kira - said...

I think this little boat is outstanding! I love the flags along the edges. Sorry about the situation at work :( I know you'll find something equally wonderful or better.