Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Believe!

Hi people!

I don't have the original digital creation of this saved on my Mac, but when I get it, I will post it. I made this image specifically for Amy but then I liked it so much I have been resizing it and putting on other things. He just makes me so sad! I put Amy's in a bank, which unfortunately has to broken to get into, but I will just print her a new one when she has to break it. lol.

Also, for any of you not in the know already, my fabulous crafty friend, Kira, is having a giveaway on her own blog for 365th post. I highly recommend you enter because she is so talented and she is including her own art plus so awesome supplies. Go look now!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Aliens Do Exist

I told you I would have a lot to post this week! So we all know and love the fabulous Audrey, a.k.a. Audio-Astrophysics. Well, I am lucky enough to have swapped with her a few times and I just love her to death! She likes aliens so I made her this Alien Curio. 

Since the beginning of time, alien sighting have been reported and recorded in world history. However, the most famous of these would have to be the case of The Roswell UFO Incident. This alleged recovery of extra-terrestrial debris, including alien corpses, from an object which crashed near Roswell, New MexicoUSA, in June or July, of 1947 is the most debated case. Since the late 1970s the event has been the subject of intense controversy. Often the subject of conspiracy theories, Roswell has never been proven or disproven. Ranked as one of the most publicized and controversial alleged UFO incidents ever, Roswell has benefited from interest in this alleged UFO incident, and in more recent times the business community has deliberately sought out tourists interested in UFOs. Museums and attractions are abound in the city with plenty of exhibitions; if only the tourists knew the truth of these archives though. They are only distractions from their supply closets where a little visitor resides, hiding in the collections.


So this weekend has been awesome! Saturday evening Kevin and I did our engagement photos and oh my gosh- it was a blast! I have been planning them for quite some time and put a lot of work into them and it was so worth it! I found an old, abandoned house recently, completely overgrown with roses, bushes, trees- everything. It is the coolest place in the world. The place has tons of treasures too, just laying around. I want so many of the things there, but the place is too cool to take them. lol. Anyway, I planned an entire mad tea party and gothic shoot. The whole process was so much fun and I am hoping they turn out great. I often hate pictures of myself so I have some anxiety but our photographer is so good and she puts you at ease so fingers crossed, they turn out well! Check out this sneak peek...I love these ones so I hoping that is a good sign! She is posting another sneak peek this week so I will share those too, to get your opinions. :)

As if that wasn't  enough fun, the neighbors of this place had four adorable kittens and with a little bit of convincing, Kevin and I took home a little furball of our own! She is so cute! She reminds me so much of my previous cat, Sweeney. I am just beyond thrilled that Kevin agreed to keeping her at the apartment so I can have a kitten. Even though I am not moved in yet and won't be for a good while, he is going to keep her and take care of her and I am going to help as much as I can during the days when I am here. How awesome is my fiance?! haha. ♥ ♥ ♥

Also, I finally came over and hung up all the pictures and art and some shelves and just decked out the apartment. I found a book call "Funky Shui" and based the decorating off of it. It was so much fun! And both Kevin and I are loving the results! We opted not to paint the walls since paint is so expensive and time consuming but you can still do a lot with art and decorations. I will post pictures when I fill in some holes this week. (Yay for an excuse to go thrift shopping!)

I also finished the last of the plushes this weekend (for now)! So all in all, this weekend was AWESOME. Hope you all had fun too!

All packed and ready to got Vanessa, Amy, and FoxySam!


Friday, June 25, 2010

Yeti Hotel

Okay, I think I mentioned that I have been sewing like crazy! Well, I wasn't lying:
Holy crap, that's a lot of yetis! And two bigfoots! These have been consuming my life for the last few days. Literally. I have done nothing but sit and sew from the time I wake up and until I go to bed. And this photo is actually missing two that I finished early and sent out on Tuesday. I started on Monday night and finished them all this morning at about 6:00. Unfortunately, I bought out the buttons I use from Joann's and they are the only store in town that sells them. But that's okay, because the three with missing faces are mine. I made two bigfoots, (two bigfeet?) for Amy and another swap partner and my mom LOVED them. So I had to make her one and of course she needed a yeti too. And I need a bigfoot of my own. So mine will just have to wait for faces! The rest are all going to various homes as you can see that I labeled them to keep track. I wish they could all stay on the couch forever though! How fun would it be to have a yeti couch?!

I really love the Bigfoots. These are the two I already sent out, So cute!

He Likes it! He Really Likes It! Loren Coleman Cryptid Cabinet of Curiosity

Hey guys! I am having an amazing day! Some of you may remember the Bigfoot Cabinet I made awhile back. And you may remember that THE DR. LOREN COLEMAN himself, commented and asked for it. Well, I made him a special one, just for him, and sent it out along with all those packages and I got a lovely email back from him just now:

Hi, Alexzandra
I am overwhelmed. I am humbled. I am surprised by the complex details of this incredible gift of yours!!
This is the best little cabinet of curiosities I have ever seen.
I had a major discussion with a docent today on how to best display it. It is in the museum's first counter now, but I am going to have to consider how to showcase this better.
This is amazing.
Thank you so much.
All my best

So yes, I am very excited! And now, without further ado, here it is!

Thanks for looking and have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Hello friends! I have a few receivers and should have more throughout the week so expect to see quite a few posts in the next few days! As some of you have seen on my facebook, I have been BUSY! For proof, check out all these packages:
Yes, those are all filled to the brim, too! It has been EXPENSIVE at the post office. And I am still not done! Kira, I have still not sent yours because my wallet is empty but I am subbing at some schools so I should be able to very soon! I'm so sorry! :S

After getting these done I have been highly motivated and I am spitting out projects left and right. Vanessa, I have a yeti sitting here on the table for you and some digital collages almost done for your niece! But I cannot say anything else because they are surprises. Shh. ;)

Meanwhile, before I post anything from the swaps, I wanted to share these three little suckers I completed just this minute. I am not sure if I should say "why did I make these," or "why didn't I make these ages ago?" Either way, I love them. The idea popped into my head when my best friend and maid of honor told me she loved my yeti plushes. But more than anything Tara loves zombies which is part of why we get along so well. So obviously I had to combine them and make a 

After making the first one, I knew he belonged to me. I can be selfish and keep a thing or two once in a while, right? (lol, I always feel bad about keeping something for myself!) And then I knew Amy needed one so I had to make two more. If I was talented enough, I would make an ice cream cone or snow cone with brains in it, but my sewing skills are not quite to that level yet. Anyways, I hope you guys like my zombie yetis as much as I do. And don't worry, they only like frozen brains so they are not hazardous to your health. But winter might be dangerous around them....

Monday, June 21, 2010

Was This Made for Me??

Some of you saw this on my Facebook page already, but for those of you that haven't, I thought you might find it funny too. I am seriously baffled as to how I did not know about this a long time ago, but I made an epic discovery not too long ago. I thought I owned every Meat Loaf item ever, as well as every Yeti item ever. But I was missing one. 
This is a movie about a yeti and it stars Meat Loaf. 
Was it pre-destiny?? I think so. I got it from Kevin for my birthday and it is horrible. Which means I absolutely adore it!

Meat Loaf and Alexz, Together at Last

Hi there! I am still waiting on packages to be received to post anything but I have some things to share. Yeasterday was Part Deux of my birthday. Kevin had to work on the actual day, so yesterday he took my to the Boise zoo and then downtown to the Record Exchange (my favorite store ever) and to the mall, bookstore, and dinner. It was seriously a blast! We have not been out in so long because of work and a lack of money so it was a real treat. It was also finally nice and we had some real summer weather instead of rain. Kevin bought me a Jackalope trinket, Munee doll to paint, and a dress. He knows me too well! But I also had something amazing happen....

So, many of you know this already, but 
I am obsessed with Meat Loaf.
The singer, not the food, of course. I have loved him since I can remember (literally), and when I say obsessed, I mean it. This is a deep-seeded, long-going love affair with the man and his music! He is my hero in every way possible and has inspired me in every facet of my life.

He was scheduled to come to Boise my senior year of High School but the concert was canceled the day before due to health issues. I literally cried for a week straight and never truly let go of it.
Well, not too long ago he announced his Hang Cool Teddy Bear Tour a couple months ago and I have been watching it fanatically everyday since then. I was losing hope that he was not coming anywhere near me as every place so far was on the East Coast of the states or in Canada. But on my birthday, a miracle happened. He added Snoqulamie ,Washington to his roster which is only 6 and half hours away.

I have two seats in the front row, center for Meat Loaf. 

Yes. I get to see my hero in concert after waiting what seems like my whole 24 years of existence. This is the happiest moment of my life. I am going to see MEAT LOAF!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Hi all! Today was my 24th birthday and it was spectacular! I spent the day just lounging around and watching bad horror movies (my favorite). Kevin had to work today, but he met up with me and my family for dinner which was awesome. We finished the day off with some lemon cake and ice cream cake and a bonfire at my house with friends and family! I could not have asked for a better day! I even got some awesome gifts, even though I told everybody I did not need anything. I got a new hot glue gun, (which I so badly needed), Casper on DVD (I love that silly movie), clothes from Kevin, and an awesome new bed set for the apartment when I officially move in. Oh, I also got A new book, Monster Hunter, a book about cryptozoology and that awesome Hurley hoodie I am wearing in the picture. And not to mention the fabulous cake my mom got me! 

All in all, it was a perfect day! Since Kevin had to work, he informed me that we are going to the zoo in Boise on Saturday, and then the mall so I can pick out a new dress. (He knows me so well!)  I wanted to say thank you to all my readers who always comment and say such nice things on my blog! This has been a wonderful year and I can't wait to see what is next in life for me! Oh! I also got some AMAZING news today, but I am going to wait until Saturday to share this with you when it is official. ;) (Hint: It has something to do with my hero who I have mentioned more than once on here.)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yeti Petting Zoo


And this was before I received my new ones from Kira and Amy and a couple other friends. 

I need to take a new picture because I have about 7 more new ones. O.o

Okay, I am going to bed for reals this time. I will post tomorrow about my Flea Market/Barn Sale/Yard Sale adventures tomorrow and some more stuff.
I will be working to finish Shannon's package tomorrow and Sunday and something for Deana. :)

Wedding Update!

I have had several people write me and ask how the wedding planning is going. So instead of writing the same thing a million times, I thought I could just write an update here. :)

Things are going really well! I am getting it all done and for uber cheap too! So far, this is what we have going:

Date: September 25th, 2010; 6:00 PM
(It has a big yard with big trees to the side there which will be where it is all held. I couldn't find a picture showing it). I have loved this place since I was a tiny child so it is only fitting that I would end up getting married here. The price is right too...150 bucks! That's it. And part of that is a deposit that you get back after cleaning it.

Dress: I got not one but two dresses! For less than 200 dollars! I got a long one for the ceremony and a short one for the reception. Neither are what I originally posted that I wanted, but still have the same elements. Both are very unique and less than traditional which I think fits me. That price includes the slip and all other necessary requirements. David's Bridal slips were 300 bucks alone! O.O
Shoes: I got two pairs of shoes (heels and flats) and I decorated them to match my theme. So cute! I got both pairs for under 30 dollars, and that includes my supplies to embellish them. 

I still have a few accessories to buy but only two things and they will not cost much. 

Kevin's parents will most likely be taking care of the guys attire and his so I am not too worried about that.
I have 25 centerpieces made so far and they look AWESOME. I freakin' love them and already have people begging to keep them afterwards which I am going to take as a good sign. I made them all for under 50 bucks by picking stuff up at thrift stores and the likes. 

I have some other stuff done too, but they are top secret!

Other Stuff:
Our cake is being given to us as a gift. 

Our pictures are the most expensive part so far, but she costs far less money that the other photographers and she is seriously phenomonal. Her name is Amber and Kevin is actually good friends with her brother and has known her family forever (small towns). Check her out! She is the sweetest girl ever, too. 

She is doing our engagement session at the end of June (we got rained out our first appoinment) and we have quite the themes planned. I will be sure to post them...I am basically playing dress-up and forcing Kevin to join me.

So in a nutshell, the biggest and most important things are set. I have many other decorations done, the small things bought (tableclothes, silverwear, etc) and now I get to concentrate on the big kahuna projects. 

Stay tuned!

Halloween in June

Okay, I have been absent so I am going to try and make up for it. I have tons to post, luckily! I have been so productive and busy in the last couple weeks since school got out I even amazed myself. I made it my goal to be done with all swaps and commissions by June. As well as the majority of wedding stuff. And I might just make it! I also made it my goal to post almost daily.

I finished several things today actually. I just sat and worked. A lot! I will be mailing out packages to Paulette, Amy, Kira, and Audrey tomorrow or Monday finally! Wahoo! I am shooting for tomorrow, but there is a flea market in town, along with several yard sales, and this AMAZING barn shabby chic sale (check it out even just for decorating inspiration) that I already spent 2 hours at tonight. The stuff is awesome and the prices are awesome. I mean, really awesome. I am starting my shopping early so hopefully I will make it to the post office but once I get into my thrift-store-gold-finding-mode, I am gone for hours.

I won't be able to show some of the stuff until the my pals receive them next week, but I still have some other stuff. I did a swap with the lovely Paulette, a.k.a Craftewoman, for this amazing doll for my wedding. I absolutely love this woman. She is like a big sister to me that I go to for advice for in all respects of life. And she is so talented! Oh my gosh! I have a few dolls from her already, actually. When I asked her what she wanted in return she said that she is more shabby chic while I am more whimsical goth so she wanted a Halloween decoration. So I tried to combine both our styles and this is what I came up with:

The pictures do not do it justice at all. Especially since I took these at 3:00 in the morning. I will see if I can get some better ones tomorrow when there is some daylight. I hope she likes it!

Closing One Chapter, Starting a New One.

Hello everybody! Longtime no chat! I have been so caught up in all the different things of my life I am just barely getting a chance to sit down and actually get caught up on my internet life. I just finished up loads of packages tonight. FINALLY. I didn't realize how much I rely on my free time for blogging and emailing people. My last few weeks of work were so full of activities and emotions, I was exhausted by the time I came home and would end up parked on the couch.

As some of you know, I am not returning to my job at the elementary school after this summer. I won't bore you all with the details of why (I am not being fired or anything) but I am so incredibly bummed about it. In a nutshell, our school district is dumb. I absolutely loved that job and those kids. And my co-workers became some of my most trusted friends and some people to really look to for guidance. I learned more about life in my short time of working there than I did in my entire college career and the children taught me just as much as I taught them. 

I am not really sure what is next for me in life as far as a job, but I still have so much happiness in my life that I am trying not to get too bummed out about it. But that last week was spent crying everyday after work and on the last day we all cried (I was not the only one to not be coming back).

The night before the last day, I made this painting for the school as my gift to them for giving me such a wonderful opportunity. I wanted to leave them with something cute and whimsical and that represented me. So of course, I had to include my yeti. I am not sure how the pirate/adventure theme culminated, but somehow this was the end result. I found the quote online and loved it and I think I have just been wanting to do a pirate ship for awhile:)

Even though I am still really heart-broken over this whole thing, the overwhelming feeling I have is still happiness. I am so grateful for my time there, even though it was so short. The whole experience had a profound effect on me and who knows...maybe a miracle will occur and I will get to go back next fall. If not, I know I will still find something great! And who cares right now...because I am getting married very soon!