Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Hello friends!

Not a lot going on here. Well, actually there is TONS going on, but nothing I can post still. It is either for swaps or the wedding and I am saving them all. Work is dragging lately. After this week though, only 3 weeks left! I have mixed feelings about it though, because as great as summer sounds, I am pretty heartbroken that I am not going back. Who knows though, a lot can happen in a few months!
For now, enjoy these silly but cute monster plushies! I have sooooooooo many cute things to show you, I just need to get it all sent so they can be surprised when they see it. I am putting the final touches on Kira's and Audrey's packages (we all did a Facebook pay-it-forward pledges of making handmade goods for each other, and I am making their items tonight!!). So hopefully by the first of next week I will have something new.

In some good news, Meat Loaf, my idol and hero and favorite person ever (tied with Tim Burton and Walt Disney of course) has announced the first leg of his US tour for this summer, so I am (im)patiently waiting to hear when he will be here. Keep you fingers crossed for me that he come near me, guys! :D


Nessa the Procrastinator said...

Those are so cute! I'm in awe of your talent, I swear. :)

Alexz said...

Aww, thanks Nessa! Did you get my message? I still want to swap with you, but cannot find the message with you email.

Maria Isabel said...

I want a cute plushie, your are always so furry they look like perfect monsters to sleep next to.

Kira said...

Cuuuuuute! They look so fuzzy and soft :)

Cadence said...

I'm so excited that you might get to see Meat Loaf!!!

Much love, I hope that things are well with you.

Cadence said...

I'm so excited that you might get to see Meat Loaf!!!