Saturday, April 3, 2010

Welcome to the Doomsville Cute-n-Creepy Zoo!

Well, I haven't heard from my partner yet, but according to tracking she received her package, so I think it is safe to post this. She sent me an amazing package I just got today, so I might share it later! This was for the Cute-n-Creepy Swap on Craftster that I organized. I partnered up with Seraphine_de_Sangre, a.k.a. Kia, and she was awesome! I ended up doing hers in a theme, unintentionally. She said she like cute animals with blood, so that sort of just turned into this Doomsville Zoo theme. I hope she likes it! So without further ado:

Welcome to the
Doomsville Cute-n-Creepy Zoo!

First Up: A season pass to the zoo leading us to the first stop of the day- ZOMBIE BUNNY!

Next stop: The White Tiger! Er...excuse me. Ahem...the White VAMPIRE Tiger.
After that, we need to head on over to the Aquarium. Zombie Octopus is waiting for us!
The day is not over yet! Evil Elephants are awaiting us!
 And last but not least, Doomsville's favorite little Doomy Bear is here to finish off our lovely day at the zoo!

This was an amazing swap. The people were great and overall we only had 2 flakers, which isn't bad for 50 people! Please be kind, Doomy Bear is my first plush so he is not perfect!


Unknown said...

Looks wonderful Alex!

Alexz said...

Thanks, Maria! I appreciate all your kind words. It means a lot!

Raven said...

awww...everything's so cute. luv the blood!