Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yetis! Again!

So I had a pretty rough day, but I was greeted by some awesome yetis AND Nessie and bigfoot. How awesome is that? It totally turned my day around, and I am just so happy. Thank you Amy! Go check out her blog. She creates awesomely cute stuff and she is just so nice and she is just plain awesome.

Meanwhile, I am diving into the world of plush-making. I have made 2 so far this week. They are not perfect, but for having only sewn two things before, one VERY SIMPLE pocket organizer and the link quilt I blogged about earlier. So for having such little experience I am pretty proud of how they turned out, though I still need A LOT more practice and some major pattern tweaking.

I can't post the first one because it is for a swap, but I made this last night while trying to get over my headache. He is a trial run, and still needs some major work, but he is still kinda cute. Based on my yeti, he is very fat and round. I eyeballed a pattern and just winged it. I should probably make or buy a real pattern, but I hate following them! Loveandasandwich made my yeti into a plush that is so much cuter and made so much better, but like I said, this is only my second plush and only my fourth sewing project. :)

The fur I used is SO HARD for a noob like myself to sew with. It slips and slides all over the place but it hides my flaws and mistakes so well it made it worth it in the end. I bought some real fur online, but it was EXPENSIVE. I am going to make some more of these yetis with this much cheaper fur until I perfect the pattern, and then I will use the real fur.

Anyways, I hope you guys like him! He is a labor of love, and though he has some major flaws, I am still kind of proud of him!

And for good measure, here are my new friends from Amy! I plan to take some better pictures in the daylight, but for now these will do. I am going to post my whole cryptid collection soon so I will post better pictures with that. But I couldn't resist showing them off now and these are the best pics I could get!


Amy said...

Aw! You're yeti is so cute!!! That's amazing for only your second plush. I haven't attempted that before, I'm too intimidated! lol

~CraftyMummy2two~ said...

you did a awsome job sooo cute:) I just love Yeti`s been meaning to crochet one after i seen your design awile back its been on my mind to try:) But my todo pile is just so large haha Love your thoughYOU DID AN AWSOME job excpecially for your second plush

Shannon said...

Aaaah! I am overrun with cuteness! I Hope you're well. Talk to you soon!

Thea said...

Too cute! I love his little star belly too.

Deedra said...

Love your new Yeti Alexz! So great! Check out my blog...I have something for you!

Raven said...

awww...I love him! you did a great job!