Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wedding Plans!!

Okay,  I am doing a lot of personal swapping for my wedding, and then a lot of people are helping me out and lots of family members are making/sending things. But everybody keeps asking for details about the big day so I thought I would do a post about it for some inspiration for friends and family.
Most Important Details:

Who: Kevin Talbot and Alexzandra Cramer
Date: September ??, 2010
Theme: Gothic/Whimsical/Tim Burton-ish/SpookyPooky-like!
Colors: Black, White, Jewel (Rich and Saturated) Purple and Orange

Like these colors (I am not wearing a purple dress, I just love the color!)

In a nutshell, this will be a very un-traditional, but still very classic wedding. Picture a Tim Burton movie set and there you have it!


The centerpieces are going to be black vintage birdcages (no two alike!) with black staggering candles inside of them. The outside of each one will vary as well, but in they be wrapped in purple flowers (all different), orange leaves or a few subtle orange flowers and black feathers. Sort of like these:

My dad is an amazing artist, and is making A LOT of AMAZING things. The biggest will be an archway for me and Kevin to stand under. He has it started and he drew inspiration from The Nightmare Before Christmas and Alice in Wonderland. It has the Burton Swirls and all!

The dancefloor will have a gothic chandelier instead of a disco ball or whatever else people use for dancefloors. It will look something like this and will also have the flower/feather elements to match the centerpieces:

Now for the cake, this is something I am very excited about. I could not decide if I wanted a cake or a tiered cupcake stand. So what is a girl to do?? Have both, of course! So my ideal cake is this Corpse Bride one, but I would want it to match my colors more. Luckily, we know a baker who just happens to be a family friend and she owes me a favor. She is going to start practicing to see if she can do it.

And then, my awesome dad has started building me a cupcake tier stand but not just any ol' cupcake stand. Nope. He is making it look like the Nightmare Hill and my cupcakes will look like little orange jack-o-lanterns!

So take this first stand...
but picture it looking more like the last three:

Yes. My dad is awesome. He is hoping to make a fountain, two chairs for me and Kevin based on Tim Burton's work and some other cool details, but you are getting the picture I imagine. But one other thing I wanted to make sure to share with you guys is my awesome shelf. My craftster friends are my favorite people ever. So I am heartbroken they cannot be there. But a craftster is clever so I thought of a way to have their presence at my wedding! I am swapping with all my favorite friends and in return they are sending me something I am can display at my wedding that matches the decor. I have been making little plaques with each sender's name on it, and their gift will be displayed. My dad is building a display unit for these gifts that will be displayed by the guestbook table. He has started it too, but he is building each shelf/space to fit the senders item so it will be a long process as I receive stuff. But best of all, he studied some Tim Burton movies and it looks a little something like this (except much wider and there will be shelves and units all over the place):
There will be tons of little details everywhere, and I have a million things I want to make including some wedding pumpkinheads and a Kevin and Alexz themed curio. But overall, I hope the helps you envision it!

I have not bought my dress but I know exactly what I want. I am not into big huge ball gowns with tons of beading and tulle and all that, but I am also not a straight and simple gown kinda-gal. So my ideal wedding dress is this one below.

I love that it is simple but still very elegant and classic. I love sweetheart necklines and the skirt is exactly what I want...not too big, not too straight. The wonderful and talented Tracy, or MadGypsy, is making me a mini top hat to go with it! 

My bridesmaids consist of 4 two cousins (raised as sisters) and my two best friends. I am letting them choose any dress they want as long as it is short and all black. That way they can wear them to other occasions and events and I really am not a fan of the matchy-matchy thing. They are all four as different as can be, and none of them are really weird like me. But I am hoping to talk them into wearing something like these:
If they agree to it, I am either going to make them myself, or hire on Tracy to make some more headpieces!

Lastly, Kevin will be wearing an all black tux and white tie and saddle shoes just like this:

So if you just suffered through this ridiculously long post, congratulations and thank you! If it is too long and boring, just scroll through the pictures and you get the idea! :)

I hope it comes out as awesome as I am envisioning it and doesn't look like a badly-decorated Halloween attraction. But I have faith it won't! It will definitely be unique...I mean, I am walking down the aisle to the Jack and Sally montage for crying out loud. lol! 

For my family and friends that requested this, I hope it helped! And once again, a big giant freakin' thank you goes out to all of you who are swapping with me for my special moment! It means the world to me and you guys are making my day that much more special!


~CraftyMummy2two~ said...

love all your photos wedding planning is fun and stressfull love all the pics i got married to my hubby in january and so wanted to do a timburton theme but just never did my colors where black white and red i still havent posted pics on my blog i guess i should get to it... i wore fishnet stalkings and red shoes that had skulls haha i will forsurely post pics i guess sorry for this long comment but when is your wedding??

~CraftyMummy2two~ said...

ok so i wrote along comment and not sure if it worked argg.. lol but i asked the date then seen you werent sure lol

Raven said...

awesome! i love all of it.

Raven said...

i love that purple dress, i want it!

Amy said...

Wow. If I had a big wedding, this would have been my ideal wedding. lol. I love everything.
I just got married in August, and just took my family to Vegas for an Elvis wedding. I enjoy the non-traditional weddings though. We planned it in about 3 weeks. That was stressful, so I can't imagine planning so much. I think everything you pick is amazing though. I'm jealous! haha. And that's a wonderful homage to all of your Crafster friends as well. I just think it's all amazing.
I had a black and white dress for my wedding, and I wanted a little black birdcage veil like the ones you posted. I settled on a white one though. Etsy worked WONDERS for our wedding! haha
Congratulations on your wedding. It's all so beautiful. :)

Nessa the Procrastinator said...

Sounds like you have an amazing family and tons of awesome friends to help you out. :) I had my bridesmaids do the same thing and I made their jewelry. They ended up looking really nice. :) Have fun planning and don't let anyone tell you no! I let people walk all over me when it came to my wedding and I'm still pouting 5 months later. :) I can't wait to see the final product!!

Atteneri (Halloween Town) said...

OMG!! I love your wedding planning, I love the Corpse Bride Cake, and the archway is awesome! *o* I wish be there, It will be a wonderful and creepy wedding!

Deedra said...

Seriously...this is going to be UNREAL!!!! You're so amazing and I'm so excited to see pics of this amazing day!!!


Deedra said...

PS - may I borrow your dad? I really want those shelves. You know...just for a weekend or something. I promise to give him back!!!

Shannon said...

This may be the most exciting blog post ever. I am so happy for you! This is going to be an amazing wedding. Email me about what you want me to make you! I know we talked about a cake topper, but whatever you want!


Alexz said...

Thanks everybody! I am on spring break now, so I have a lot of plans to get stuff done!

Haha, Deedra, I don't share my Pop with anybody! lol...just kidding! My junior year in High school he did my prom and it is still talked about by the town and surrounding towns. So hopefully this will be the new talk of the town!

And Shannon, I will email you!

AlwaysInspired said...

Oh! I just love crafty weddings! Mine was crafty as well! I can't believe I'll be making you something that will get displayed on those shelves! I better go work on it now!

TheBlakkDuchess said...

You have the most awesome family & friends ever! Hope your wedding is as wonderful as it sounds like it's gonna be! Congrats! ^-^

Deedra said...

You're a lucky girl, my friend! I guess we know where your creativity comes from!

I've been telling everyone about the plans for this fantastic wedding and how much I admire your individuality!!!