Monday, March 29, 2010

Amy and Alexz: Cryptozoology BFFs!

I love Craftster because of the friends you make! I have fabulous friends that I have never met in real life, but I feel so close to them! You all know who you are!

I am wrapping up on the last of my personal swaps for awhile since I need money for my wedding, but I am sure I will keep making friends! And I plan to pick up swapping again once I don't have a wedding to save for, but who know when it will be, because after the wedding, real life starts for me and Kevin. Scary!

Anyways! I just did a swap with Amy who is just plain awesome. We have so much in common it is amazing. And she loves yetis so of course we are just a perfect pair. We did a little cryptid swap of our own and she sent me this amazing stuff- go look at it because she rocks!

In return I did some cryptids of my own for her. :) 

In exchange for one giant yeti:

In exchange for one little yeti:
In exchange for one Bigfoot:
In exchange for one Nessie:

And finally, one little extra:

And then to top it all off, she made me two more little married yetis for my wedding display and they are fabulous!! So I made her this little cthulhu bag in exchange:

I sent her some other stuff too, but I will save those for another more fitting post. We will stick to cryptids for now! :) Thanks again Amy! You are so awesome!

I am going to do a post soon, just to show off some of the fabulous things I have received for my wedding already! Deedra, Audrey, Sam, and some others have sent great things already. I will be sending some more stuff this week (I have to stretch out sending packages or else I will be broke!) Stay tuned!


Amy said...

Glad you got the pictures!!
I had so much fun in this swap. You totally spoiled me ROTTEN, but I will be making it up to you. :)
I love Craftster as well for the friends that I've made, even thought I've never met them. :)