Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day!

Okay, blogger has been giving me some major problems with pictures. Sorry about the absence! Hopefully these pictures are showing, but if not, please let me know! It takes awhile for me to upload them, so for now, I have a smaller post of my Valentine's gift. But tomorrow night, when I have more time, I have a major yeti post coming for you all! MAJOR.

Until then, enjoy my Valentine for Kevin, my fiance! It was quick gift, but oh so fun and special!!

Blank Check is about the lamest movie out there, I know. And if you are wondering why I chose this case or why I didn't decorate the outside, there is a reason! We both loved it when we were kids, and the first time he ever came over to my house to meet my family, we watched it that night upon finding it in a box in the storage room.  It just so happens that our first kiss was during the movie. (Lame!)

Everything is made from recycled material found around the house and leftover scraps of paper, so I spent no money on this whatsoever. It turned out pretty cute, I thought!

It also has some hidden meanings. The little charm with the snow flake represents our song, Love Like Winter, by AFI, which is the song Davey Havok, the lead singer of AFI dedicated to us; Kevin proposed to me to at their concert and had the band in on it!

The Mickey Mouse charm represents how we met. I wear a Mickey Mouse watch everyday that I have worn since I can remember. He noticed it one day and asked me if I had read The Da Vinci Code because of a reference to a Mickey Mouse watch and that led to a 3 hour long conversation.

And then the quote: "If I gotta be damned, you know I wanna be damned, dancing through the night with you."

Upon our first meeting because of the watch, I also just happened to be drawing a picture of Meat Loaf, my hero, on my biology notes. Kevin now has it framed. So Meat Loaf brought us together! And then the dancing quote fits for the fact that we dance in the living room Pulp Fiction style almost every night. lol. Freaks.

And lastly, I make cards for EVERY holiday but this year I just ran out of time. I wanted something to put with his gift so I revised my Christmas card into a Valentine card.  It works because I love yetis almost more than him. ;)

Add some candy and some adorable crocheted turtles made by my amazing friend Shannon and voila! Valentine's Day! I hope you all had a wonderful love day!


Raven said...

cool story and gifts! I love AFI! when I saw the blank check dvd, I was like wth? lol.

Alexz said...

haha...I know, that is the reaction I was hoping he would have when he first saw it which he did. Thanks!

Audrey said...

I love it! What a great idea to use a vhs case!

Raven said...

lol, I'm a dork, I didn't realize that it was a vhs and not a dvd case. I also didn't realize what you had done to the inside of it. I thought that art was done on something else.