Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bigfoot's Secret

This is the supply closet of the renowned cryptid hunter, Loren Coleman. Spending years and years tracking the elusive creatures of the unknown world of cryptozoology, Dr. Coleman has become obsessed with tracking some of the most famous cryptid creatures. Unfortunately, Dr. Coleman has become so fixated on finding these critters, he has neglected his office and supply closet leaving behind him a mess of newspaper clippings, evidential findings, and forgotten equipment. But most notable of all in this disorder and chaos is a certain trickster cryptid crouched down in the corner, hiding from the world. Oh Dr. Coleman...if only you realized Bigfoot is not elusive...he is just a shy prankster. I know I said I was posting yeti stuff, but it is not quite ready yet. Tomorrow! Besides though, bigfoot is a cousin to the yeti, and this was something I made for myself (for once) after making an extremely similar one for a swap partner. I liked it so much, I knew I had to have one. Hopefully she doesn't read this, but if she does, oh well. Hers is a little different, and she already knows she is getting a cryptid cabinet. :) It is made from a small curio cabinet and JUNK. Yes, more junk. I did not buy one thing for this piece. And tons of it was stuff I have saved forever, knowing it would come in handy someday. Sorry for such a long post!


Loren Coleman said...

What an interesting exercise in imagination, art, and creativity. Actually, my life and my museum are rather well-organized, but I would love to add this to the collection if you ever wish to donate it.

Donations are gratefully accepted at

Loren Coleman, Director
International Cryptozoology Museum
661 Congress St.
Portland, ME 04101

BTW, thank you for the honorary Ph. D. While I have degrees in anthropology (minor zoology) and a masters in psychiatric social work, with two rounds of doctoral work in anthropology and sociology/family violence, I shortened my studies to be a fulltime father and fulltime cryptozoologist.


Alexz said...

Wow! Thank you so much for commenting on my post! I never in a million years thought you would even see this, let alone comment on it and want it! I would love to send it you! I think I might make another one identical to it that is more mail friendly.though with stronger glue but definitely expect one in the mail soon. I have some other pieces I would love to donate, too, if you have room.

I have always loved cryptozoology but it was not until recently that I started to really get into it. So that said, of course I came across you and your website when I started researching it more. I am so impressed with your museum and studies. In fact many of the pictures on the cabinet came from your sites, and your picture is on the "bulletin board." So thank you for the inspiration and hopefully someday I can visit your museum.


Raven said...

omg! that's so awesome that Mr. Coleman commented on your post! I was gonna suggest that you make one and send it to him. I knew he would love it. I love it too!

Kira - said...

Alexz, this is pretty much one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Mainly the ridiculously awesome cabinet, but the comment from Loren Coleman included :)

So. flippin. awesome.

Deedra said...

All of the above was so wonderful!! So great, Alexz!!!

Shannon said...

I think this is my favorite thing that you've ever made! I love miniatures, and things with tiny details. I used to have a tiny lantern just like that one! This reminds me of a link I've been meaning to show you. I thought you'd like this:

Talk to you soon! (and you'll see me later!!)