Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Steampunk Skeleton! My First Pumpkin-Head

Well, it has been an incredibly long day and I am pretty incoherent right now, so this will just be a quick post. I am so ridiculously tired today! This is perhaps one of my favorite creations ever. Even though I have created a gazillion of these at this point, this was my first and most beloved. He was the result of boredom and trying to lighten up my huge stash of junk. (I am going to be a crazy old lady like the ones on that show about hoarders...I just know it.) Anyways, his head is a styro-foam pumpkin and his body is a camera trinket. After putting the two together, I thought "Steampunk Skeleton!" He just sorta came together after that. The feet and hands are mini Christmas Ornaments with ribbon remnants wrapped around them. Oh, and his hat was a mini flower pot! The rest of the stuff on him are various charms, ribbons, junk, etc. I love him so much!


Raven said...

omg! that's the best one yet! you should sell these if you don't already.

Alexz said...

I have some prepared already, just need to get my etsy shop running! I will keep you posted. Thanks for always commenting; it makes me feel so special!

On an unrelated note, I got a yeti in the mail, today! I will post a picture of it tonight. ^_^