Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shelina's Family

So this is the second part of Shelina's swap. I still have some more to post, but it is just smaller stuff. This is the BIG stuff! :) These are also done on old 11X14 canvas' with terrible paintings on them that I totally screwed up. Like I said, I hate throwing away canvas when it is so expensive and can be re-used like this. Her favorite color is yellow and she wanted her family done in my style. The two little black squares on the pieces with the two girls are actually plastic frames! That way, Shelina can either put a photo of each girl in it, or they can each draw something and display their own art in them. (They are blooming artists, I was told!)


Raven said...

that's adorable!

Shannon said...

So cute! I love your style so much

{Kristy} said...

How cute! You are so creative ;)