Monday, January 4, 2010

Monster Scarf!

I am really, really tired tonight, and headed off to bed soon! First day of the job (Will explain later!^.^) But for now, here is something really, really simple I made. I love loveandasandwich's stuff (check her out here: ) and I have bought a couple things from her already. But she makes these cute scarves, and I really wanted one, but I couldn't afford to buy one. So I found a five dollar fleece scarf at Walmart and sat down and sewed some eyes and teeth, and voila! A cute little monster scarf! It is super simple and my stitching is horrible since this is maybe the 3rd thing I have ever hand-stitched in my life. But still. I think it's cute. And I know the kids will enjoy it at work tomorrow. Sorry about the horrible picture! It is late and dark and this house has horrible lighting!


Raven said...

omg! It's adorable!

Kira - said...

Ahhh! I love it!!!

Alexz said...

Thanks! Kira, this was influenced by your stuff, too!