Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's the Legend of Zelda and It's Pretty Rad...

Those creatures from Ganon are pretty bad! My swap partner received so she is going to take some good pictures of the stuff I made so I can post it tomorrow. So meanwhile while we are waiting for that, I will show my Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Link Quilt! This is the first sewing project I ever did and I was stupid to take on such an extravagant project! But it was made for Kevin, and he LOVED it, so that is all that matters. Link himself is taller than me, making him a little bit longer than 5 foot I am guessing. I drew the giant Link on butcher paper and cut the pieces out like a pattern; after finding material that matched his colors as close as possible I sewed them to black material cut to his outline. Finally, I sewed the whole piece to a full-sized black comforter. (Cheating, I know, but after that I was too tired to make an actual quilt!) I hope you like it!


Atteneri (Halloween Town) said...

Hi there Alexz!
I dont know how I found you, but I happy about this xD
I see your Wists, and I loved it ^-^
I loved Klondike the Candy Bear and the Vampire Rag Doll, awesome!!

Love your blog ;)

PD: sorry for my english, im spanish xD

Shannon said...

This is SO COOL! He looks perfect! I really love his expression, it's so realistic.

By the way, in response to your comment on my blog, I have no doubts that when you start crocheting, you're going to be amazing at it! None of it's really all that hard. It just takes practice, and we all know you've got the creativity for it. ^_^

Kira - oopsicraftmypants.com said...

^_^ You must know that I love this.

Raven said...