Sunday, January 3, 2010

Skeletons and Music...These are a Few of My Favorite Things!

I am a little late today. Today was my last little bit of freedom. I start my new job tomorrow and while I am very happy to have work and start making some money again, it has been fun being able to be lazy and just do my art all day! Ah well, I actually have a lot more motivation for crafting when I am working. I still don't have anything new done yet, so for now, enjoy these skeleton paintings based on some of my favorite songs!

This is based on Wasted Youth/Everything Louder than Everything Else, my all time favorite song by my all-time favorite singer, Meat Loaf. A song about reckless behavior and seizing the night, it always pumps me up and it just plain fun. (Sadly, I am not wild or reckless at all! lol.) This picture is actually just a close-up because I never finished it, sadly. Finishing it is on the to-do list for this year.
These are both acrylic painting, based on Iron Maiden songs. The tree on the first one was made with scraps of material that I sewed onto the stretched canvas. And then I had blue, red and white remnants that I made into the British flag and sewed on to the second one. The first painting revolves around a song called Blood Brothers and the bottom quotes a verse: "Just for a second a glimpse of my father I see, and in a movement he beckons to me. " The second was a gift to my boyfriend; his favorite song/album is The Trooper and this is based on the album cover:

This was done for a friend. We both saw Matisyahu in concert, so I made this in honor of that. The song itself is called Youth.

And finally, another gift for the boyfriend. We love The Real McKenzies, and our favorite song is The Skeleton and Tailor. It is such a fun song all about a tailor sewing in a graveyard to prove to his brother "there aint no ghosts that haunt the stones on graveyard hill" only to find a big surprise. Love it!


Raven said...

Awesome paintings! I love skeletons and grim reapers! I love their cute little feet!