Sunday, January 10, 2010


Dead! Pretty simple and straightforward. This was done for my typography class 2 years ago. We had to pick a word and a font first. Then, the real purpose of the assignment was to convey and hint the font/word without actually drawing/writing the letters. We were supposed to draw around the letter outline. And the drawing of course had to encompass a theme. Since I seem to have a fixation on death (not in a creepy way, just a fun way!) I chose DEAD. I also love My Chemical Romance and Dead is a favorite song of mine. This was done on black paper with color pencils.


Raven said...

luv it! I love this quote, "not in a creepy way, just a fun way!" lol.

Alexz said...

lol...thanks! It's hard to say you have a fascination with death without coming off really strange! But I can assure, you, I am not crazy or creepy or weird. lol