Saturday, January 30, 2010


I am sick so this is just a quickie. ZOMBIE BEAR! GRR! BRAINS! His guts come out of his tummy. Kind of gross but in a cute way. O.o

Friday, January 29, 2010

Dotee Dolls

I joined my first dotee swap and it was pretty fun! Here is what I came up with for my partners (each is based on their favorite colors and themes):

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shelina's Family

So this is the second part of Shelina's swap. I still have some more to post, but it is just smaller stuff. This is the BIG stuff! :) These are also done on old 11X14 canvas' with terrible paintings on them that I totally screwed up. Like I said, I hate throwing away canvas when it is so expensive and can be re-used like this. Her favorite color is yellow and she wanted her family done in my style. The two little black squares on the pieces with the two girls are actually plastic frames! That way, Shelina can either put a photo of each girl in it, or they can each draw something and display their own art in them. (They are blooming artists, I was told!)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's the Legend of Zelda and It's Pretty Rad...

Those creatures from Ganon are pretty bad! My swap partner received so she is going to take some good pictures of the stuff I made so I can post it tomorrow. So meanwhile while we are waiting for that, I will show my Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Link Quilt! This is the first sewing project I ever did and I was stupid to take on such an extravagant project! But it was made for Kevin, and he LOVED it, so that is all that matters. Link himself is taller than me, making him a little bit longer than 5 foot I am guessing. I drew the giant Link on butcher paper and cut the pieces out like a pattern; after finding material that matched his colors as close as possible I sewed them to black material cut to his outline. Finally, I sewed the whole piece to a full-sized black comforter. (Cheating, I know, but after that I was too tired to make an actual quilt!) I hope you like it!


I did a personal swap with Shelina from Craftster. She should be receiving today so I thought I would start posting the different things I made for her.(If not, hopefully she doesn't check this; our swap is a surprise! Anyways, this is Part 1 of her swap items. She loves cute little monsters and collage-style pieces. I do hope she likes this set! I am going to ask her to take some better pictures once she receives. Between my horrible camera and the dark, dreary days we are having, these pictures are less than stellar. Luckily, she has some handy photography skills!

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Wonderful World of Kimberly Ward

I am behind! It has been a busy, busy week! But I will have all new stuff to start posting for this week, hopefully starting tomorrow. :) But for now, these are some gifts I did for my beautiful friend, Kim. I love that girl! She was my RA last year and though we didn't start out close, I came to really relate to her and absolutely love her to death. Unfortunately, just as I was getting to know her she left go work for freakin' Disneyworld! Poor thing, right? ;)She loves dolphins and all animals alike and I think if she could quit school right now and just go work for Sea World or something she would. Kim was talented and fortunate enough to work for Disney Safari and I am so proud (and jealous) of her. The painting was a Christmas/Going Away gift, and the box was sent to her while she was still working there. Another Kim piece is in the works, and I only wish the best for this amazing girl! I know she is going to do something amazing with her talents and love of animals.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Love Extra Long Weekends!

Hmm, I am falling behind again! I have been so busy! I have a nice long holiday weekend though, and I am fully taking advantage of that. Not just for crafting, but for some fun too. Tonight, Kevin (my boyfriend) took me to dinner and then we went and saw The Lovely Bones. And oh my is so...well...lovely! ♥ The movie is superb. The story is original and well-done and the imagery is just beautiful. I loved it. It has a few cliches but what movie doesn't? Tomorrow and Sunday I am finishing up some swap packages and a couple commissions and Kevin is going to spend the weekend with me. We are going to be lazy and watch movies and just hang out too. Should be fun! I don't have anything new to post tonight, but here is a picture of me, so you have a face to go with these posts! lol. And the second photo is a picture of my art in a store in Lincoln City, Oregon! Yay!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Douglas, the Jackalope

Like I said before, I love cryptozoology and I think jackalopes count for that. Don't they? Okay, so they are not based in any truth or myth, and more just like tall tales, but whatever. I have seen them listed on cryptid websites and I like them either way. I painted this one last year for a store I sell my art in on the Oregon coast. I really love this one for some reason! The colors and the bewildered look on his face are my favorite parts about it!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I made these for a lovely girl I met on craftster. We both love octopi, so I thought these would be appropriate! The image itself was all done in photoshop. I am really busy today with crafts, so I am taking off to keep working!

Monday, January 11, 2010

My Best Friend

I am at home today, sick with a sore throat and headache! blech. On the bright side, at least I will get my blogging in a little bit earlier today. This was an acrylic painting I did a couple years ago, when my beloved chocolate lab died. I loved her with all my heart, and she truly was my best friend. We got her when I was nine and she died 13 years later on my birthday. Even after all this time, I miss her like crazy. You can never underestimate the power of a relationship and bond between humans and animals. The quote says: "Not the least hard thing to bear when they go from us, these quiet friends, is that they carry away with them so many years of our own lives." John Galsworthy This was her towards her last days, but she was a fat, jovial dog that I will forever remember as my best friend and companion!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Dead! Pretty simple and straightforward. This was done for my typography class 2 years ago. We had to pick a word and a font first. Then, the real purpose of the assignment was to convey and hint the font/word without actually drawing/writing the letters. We were supposed to draw around the letter outline. And the drawing of course had to encompass a theme. Since I seem to have a fixation on death (not in a creepy way, just a fun way!) I chose DEAD. I also love My Chemical Romance and Dead is a favorite song of mine. This was done on black paper with color pencils.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Clockwork Orange Box

Well, this was an incredibly long and stressful week so I am a little behind in my posting! The new job was so hard. I am working at an elementary school with high-needs disabled and and special ed children. While it can be very fun and rewarding, it can be extremely difficult and hard. But I am back, completely refreshed and ready to go. I am working on a few new projects today, so hopefully I can post them this week if I finish them as planned! But for now, in honor of the movie I am watching this very second here is my Clockwork Orange box. I made this last year to hold stuff in my dorm room. Being one of my favorite movies, I drew the little guy, and since we share a name I thought it was only appropriate to add Alexz...even if mine does have the extra z!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Steampunk Skeleton! My First Pumpkin-Head

Well, it has been an incredibly long day and I am pretty incoherent right now, so this will just be a quick post. I am so ridiculously tired today! This is perhaps one of my favorite creations ever. Even though I have created a gazillion of these at this point, this was my first and most beloved. He was the result of boredom and trying to lighten up my huge stash of junk. (I am going to be a crazy old lady like the ones on that show about hoarders...I just know it.) Anyways, his head is a styro-foam pumpkin and his body is a camera trinket. After putting the two together, I thought "Steampunk Skeleton!" He just sorta came together after that. The feet and hands are mini Christmas Ornaments with ribbon remnants wrapped around them. Oh, and his hat was a mini flower pot! The rest of the stuff on him are various charms, ribbons, junk, etc. I love him so much!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Monster Scarf!

I am really, really tired tonight, and headed off to bed soon! First day of the job (Will explain later!^.^) But for now, here is something really, really simple I made. I love loveandasandwich's stuff (check her out here: ) and I have bought a couple things from her already. But she makes these cute scarves, and I really wanted one, but I couldn't afford to buy one. So I found a five dollar fleece scarf at Walmart and sat down and sewed some eyes and teeth, and voila! A cute little monster scarf! It is super simple and my stitching is horrible since this is maybe the 3rd thing I have ever hand-stitched in my life. But still. I think it's cute. And I know the kids will enjoy it at work tomorrow. Sorry about the horrible picture! It is late and dark and this house has horrible lighting!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Skeletons and Music...These are a Few of My Favorite Things!

I am a little late today. Today was my last little bit of freedom. I start my new job tomorrow and while I am very happy to have work and start making some money again, it has been fun being able to be lazy and just do my art all day! Ah well, I actually have a lot more motivation for crafting when I am working. I still don't have anything new done yet, so for now, enjoy these skeleton paintings based on some of my favorite songs!

This is based on Wasted Youth/Everything Louder than Everything Else, my all time favorite song by my all-time favorite singer, Meat Loaf. A song about reckless behavior and seizing the night, it always pumps me up and it just plain fun. (Sadly, I am not wild or reckless at all! lol.) This picture is actually just a close-up because I never finished it, sadly. Finishing it is on the to-do list for this year.
These are both acrylic painting, based on Iron Maiden songs. The tree on the first one was made with scraps of material that I sewed onto the stretched canvas. And then I had blue, red and white remnants that I made into the British flag and sewed on to the second one. The first painting revolves around a song called Blood Brothers and the bottom quotes a verse: "Just for a second a glimpse of my father I see, and in a movement he beckons to me. " The second was a gift to my boyfriend; his favorite song/album is The Trooper and this is based on the album cover:

This was done for a friend. We both saw Matisyahu in concert, so I made this in honor of that. The song itself is called Youth.

And finally, another gift for the boyfriend. We love The Real McKenzies, and our favorite song is The Skeleton and Tailor. It is such a fun song all about a tailor sewing in a graveyard to prove to his brother "there aint no ghosts that haunt the stones on graveyard hill" only to find a big surprise. Love it!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mistfit Snowmen

I noticed something funny today. I am going to a wedding with my friend Lisa tonight, my friend, Kayla's wedding to be exact. Lisa, Kayla and I met in kindergarten and we were best friend's throughout grade school and remained close throughout life. To be honest, it used to always weird me out when my friends started getting married right after high school. But now, the weird part is not that a good part of my friends are married or have children...the weird part is that we are all old enough and at that age to be doing so! Am I the only one who has ever felt this way?? I just can't believe how fast time is going by. I thought I would feel so grown up when I reached my 20s but I really don't. At any rate, I am really pleased with where my life is going and I what I am accomplishing. I have high hopes for my future and big plans to make things happen. I can't believe I am done with college already (for now anyways) and that I am moving on to new stages of life. It is exhilarating, scary, confusing... but all the same, it is simply great! I have a lot to be grateful for and I can really go in whatever direction I want. So look out world! Here I come! Anyways...I don't have anything new yet, since I have just been relaxing over the break. I should have some new stuff to show off though, by next week. I start work on Monday, and I will be starting some new projects and finishing some old ones to give the new year a fresh start. In honor of the snow we have been getting (which is now melting today) I guess I will show off some of the snowmen I made for gifts and swaps.This one is a bigger one that went to Pam, (kittykill) as a little Christmas gift! I have made some other ones similar to him for gifts, but I forgot to take pictures before giving them away. D'oh! I like this one the most though, because he has little skulls...he is my little alternative Christmas snowman! Pam is such a cool gal and I really look up to her, so I wanted to make a traditional Christmas decoration but still fitting to her awesome personality. These three are much smaller and have hooks so they can be hung up on the Christmas tree. Made for an ornament swap, each one is crafted to their recipients personality. The first one was sent to a girl who loves the color purple and steampunk themes. The second one was sent to a gal who wanted bright colors for her tree with a candy/baking theme. And finally the third one went to Paulette, (craftewoman) who just liked traditional themes. So I guess each one is a mix of their owner and me!:)Paulette has also been somewhat of a mentor or big sister to me and I also look up to her a lot, so I sent her a little extra set of magnets with this snowman design. :) Maybe my snowman post will bring some more snow this week! (Although, I will be stuck in the house since I can't drive for crap in it.)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Cryptozoology Fixation

I know I already posted today, but I am excited about this new blog-thing-a-ma-bob and I want to start with my art posts already so I am going to post again. It seems like every year I have a new obsession. Some kind of cute thing I become fixated on and collect as many items of it that I can. Last year it was Domo. I love that stupid creature. I have all of the holiday collectible plushes (except for the brand new Christmas Ones):I have Domo purses, wallets, keychains, shirts. etc. I was obsessed. I still am, but not as bad. The year before that? It was all about the skelanimals. I have a buttload of them too! (Notice, yet ANOTHER Domo in that picture!): So without even intending to do so, I once again developed a new obsession for this year. What is it, you may ask?

Now don't get me wrong...this is not an instant thing...I have always been fascinated by the subject. But it just seems like lately I cannot get enough of it. Unfortunately though, cryptid stuff is harder to find. Especially cute cryptids! Luckily, I had the honor of swapping with a girl named Kira Nichols who sent me a fabulous crocheted yeti that is seriously adorable! She also sent me a homemade yeti journal that I have used to death. And before that, another craftster friend named Julie crocheted a wonderfully cute yeti for me based on my original drawing. Yeti's seem to be my favorite crypid, but cthulhu's are in a close second. One of my long-term goals is to write and illustrate a book about cute little cryptid creatures. It's going to be awesome if you ask me. Anyhow, here are my friends, the elusive yeti and the reformed cthulhu (cthulhu's are not normally so friendly-looking!) I thought these would be an appropriate start to kick off the new year since they are, after all, my new fixation this year! The three first ones were done in photoshop. I made them for my book, but I have ended up using them for more. (The painting is for my friend, an x-box 360 enthusiast who loves to munch on doritos and mountain dew when pwning noobs.)