Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Gypsy

I have a couple holiday projects I thought I should post before it is too late and Christmas is over! This is for my fabulous friend Trai, also known as the Mad Gypsy. She was in need of some Holiday cheer, so I sent this little gal to brighten her spirits, with a sack full of ornaments. :)

I'm back!!

I'm baaaaaacccckkk!! Oh yes, and do I have stories! Right now, I am uploading my pictures and sleeping and resting. Got a little sick, but not until coming home thankfully. The trip was INCREDIBLE. One of the most amazing experiences of my life. I can't believe how fun it was. I have so much to tell you all, and so many pictures to share, but today is all about resting. 
So for now, here are a couple little yeti drawings I did really quickly right before the trip. Stay tuned for the giveaway and for all the Disney pictures! Hope you are all having a wonderful day and we are so close to Christmas!! EEK!

Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm going to Disney World!!

Hi guys! Just wanted to check in and say hello! Hope you are all doing well!

I am going to be gone for the next week! And you all know where I am going...

I am sooooooooooo beyond excited!! I can't even sleep. So, not that you have seen a lot of me this month to begin with, but I will be gone all week so no posts from me. And you may not hear from me until the new year depending on how busy I am when I get back. But remember to keep checking because a certain other Craftster and I are organizing a special, HUGE, and awesome giveaway with a theme revolving around my favorite thing in the world, (no, not Meat Loaf, the OTHER thing I love so much.)

I hope you all are having an amazing holiday season. As one last little project to share with you all, may I present you with this:
I wanted to bring a yeti with me on the trip but I knew I didn't have room for a big one. Truth be told, I have plenty of small, even tiny, yetis that would have fit in my pocket, but I wanted an excuse to make my own pocket yeti- with Mickey Mouse ears! In honor of the trip and one of my all time heros, I added the ears. He is coming with me to the park so I can get some photo-ops with him if I have time. 
Okay, I am off to work (where I am going get now work actually done because I am too antsy) and then tonight I will finish  getting ready for the trip! Squee!!! Merry Christmas if I don't see you all before then!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Amy's Cupcake Monster!

Rawr! ♥

That is monster for hello!
How is everybody?? Sorry for the lack of has been kind of hectic around here. 
I am leaving for Disney World on Tuesday!! Squeeeeeeee!
Seriously, I cannot say how hard it is to find motivation for ANYTHING right now,
when you know in just a few days you will be boarding a plane to go to Disney World and 
 Harry Potter's Wizarding World!
Work has been sooooo hard right now! haha

Anyways, I  have been working my butt off to get gifts and other things done before we love, 
and I am sending my last swap packages on Saturday and Monday, so I can have a fresh start to the
new year; plus they are long overdue. So AFTER Christmas I will have plenty to show you,
because you probably won't see much of me between now and then. 
But trust me...I will have TONS to share- crafts and vacation pictures alike. :)

However, I do have one thing to show off. Yesterday was Amy's birthday, and as you all know
we are crafting BFF's. So I made her a little birthday gift.

She LOVES cupcakes so I themed the package around that, and she had requested a jewelry box and the gift set was born. 
Meet Amy's Cupcake monster:
 With a matching jewelry box:

If I have time, I will write some blogs before I leave and I can post them during my trip when the packages get received. But no promises! I have a feeling that every moment will be filled! 

Did I mention Amy will be in Florida at the same time, so we may have to chance to meet up?! How awesome will that be! haha!

I hope everybody is have a wonderful December and I will let you know how everything goes!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wedding Post 7: Craftster Buddies Shelf!

Craftster is my whole life. Seriously. I spend more hours on that website that anything else. And my favorite people on Earth I have met through that website. In fact, my BFF Amy, and I met through Craftster! 

That said, I wanted a way to involve all my buddies in my wedding and have them be "present" on my special day. So I had my brother build this spectacular shelf. Once again...I was expecting a little shelf and got this masterpiece. My family spoils me. 

 For months, I swapped art with all my favorite Craftster buddies and they all made me splendid gifts.
They all varied so much, but each gift was themed to my wedding colors and my likes and in the end it came together beautifually.

 It is made of awesome.
 I made a sign to describe what Craftster is and how important is is in my life to keep people in the loop.
 To all my Craftster buddies, I love you dearly. You have literally changed my life and made my art so much more meaningful.
Thank you.

Wedding Post 6: The Ring and Flower Fairy Nymphs

So, if you have not noticed, this wedding was an entire family affair. My dad built a ton of things. 
My mom just seriously provided SO MUCH: financial and mostly emotional support. She helped plan it and bring it all together. I literally could not have done the wedding without her.
Two of my cousins were bridesmaids. Another cousin did my hair and makeup. 
My whole entire extended family helped set up all day and clean up the next day. 
I love my family so much.
They are amazing.

I also had two tiny family members included in the wedding, and seriously, they were one of the best parts. These are another one of my cousins baby twin girls. At 18 months, they are itty bitty for their age. But I have never seen so much energy, happiness and love in such tiny little things in my life! They are the cutest, sweetest babies ever!
 I made their fairy wings and decorate the basket and pillow myself. The pillow matched my garter and top hat that you will see later. 

Only one made it completely down the aisle...guess that is why I had two! :D

Wedding Post 5: Trellis

Once again, I have another amazing project built by my dad. I wanted an archway or something cool for me and Kevin to stand under during the ceremony. Just something that was not your typical wedding lattice and ivy. Once again, I got SO MUCH MORE than I asked for!
 Inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas, 
he built this out of sheet metal just like the tree and hat, and the details up close are stunning.
There is ivy and hand-sculpted flowers and everything. 
 The rocks were constructed from plaster and he added black flocking dust, giving them a sparkle in the sunlight!
 Yes, I am stepping up onto a stool. I am little, like I said!
Trains at a depot...who woulda thunk?!

Wedding Post 4: Guest Book

So next up for the wedding posts I thought I would share my guestbook. The whole table was decorated to the theme, including a tea set, "Drink Me" bottle, pumpkins, cards, and a matching pen to the guest book. 
I did 30 different digital layouts using our engagement photos and quotes from songs, movies, and other things that were important to us and had a lot of symbolism in our relationship. 
Here are most of the layouts! (A couple of them would not post 

More to come!